Teaches: RIDE & MetCon

Gigi lives & breathes fitness. She has been a qualified personal trainer for the last 10 years. She’s self described as hard as nails and believes a strong mind equals a strong body. Gigi is always hoping to inspire people to get moving, be it a jog, walk or spin class. Find what tickles you and stick with it. Enjoy the movement of your body. If she had to pick 2 exercises to do for the rest of her life it’ll be Deadlift and handstands.

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Teaches: RIDE

Jess’s cycling journey started in a less than the traditional way. Having trained in Musical Theatre she ended up joining The HandleBards, a cycling Shakespeare company, travelling from London to Edinburgh. With her newfound thighs of steel, she trained as a Spinning instructor in both Indoor Cycling and Coaching By Colour. Jess believes in creating a safe space and inclusive atmosphere. She spins up a whole heap of energy, don’t be afraid to shout back. Expect the unexpected, she once added Pass The Parcel to a ride. Now stop reading her bio and get yourself to her class.

/ hernjessica


Teaches: RIDE & MetCon

Sarah was a successful journalist and keen gym goer hooked on group exercise classes such as spin, HIIT, pump, circuit. She qualified to teach the latter and started her soft transition from media to fitness. Then she discovered bodybuilding, strength training and competed. Now she splits her time between coaching, training one-on-one clients, Crossfit and dancing the samba. Find her every Friday night trying to intoxicate CRANK members with her love for endorphin, movement, lifting and sweating.

/ coachbumzilla


Teaches: PERFORM & MetCon

Hunter has given most things in the fitness world a go. Having a background in CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, he has now turned his attention to endurance sports, specifically triathlon. Hunter believes that a solid strength and conditioning program, aimed at improving your biomechanics will not only improve your performance for race day but also help protect against injuries. Sessions are all about pushing yourself and finding that extra 1%. Remember - no one ever complained about being too strong.

/ hunter_movement


Teaches: MetCon

An enthusiastic coach, who has more energy than most at 7 am. She designs form focused yet challenging MetCon classes that'll push you to find your best, and maybe chuck a cheeky smile in there for good measure. Evie is all about finding a way for you to be confident in your own skills and abilities is most important to her; that, mobility, and making pals.

/ pt.eb


Teaches: RIDE

Max qualified in her exercise to music level 2 and her Keizer Cycle 1 in 2010. She has been ‘spinning out’ since as far back as 2003 and taught until she was 8 months pregnant in 2012, so it’s hard to get her off the bike. She’s constantly Shazam-ing and cultivating new playlists every week, so you’ll always get a fresh class from Max. She is big on spin technique and in finding the perfect position for you. Her class is high energy and above all FUN. Warning: She doesn’t like wearing a mic but is well versed in projecting.

/ yogatothemaxine


Teaches: RIDE & MetCon

Kath started off as a Personal Trainer. She likes to utilise her experience CrossFit to inspire her workouts. Kath’s MetCon classes incorporate functional training styles to give you a full body strength and conditioning workout. In her Ride classes, expect house music playlists that ride to the beat. Kath is also qualified in pre and post natal training and teaches 'Strong as a Mother' classes at the Yard, so if you are expecting or postnatal her classes are the one. My favourite exercise has got to be deadlift and I always love lifting.

/ fitness_kath