Studio one


Sweat • Midline • Strength

Our MetCon classes are about developing your ability to work close to 100% intensity for at least 20 minutes.

MetCon sessions programmed in six-week cycles with a focus on increasing strength, aerobic capacity, power output and general fitness. MetCon sessions utilise kettlebells, dumbbells, and bodyweight movements all coupled with blasts of cardio on Assault Bikes & Skiergs.

Our approach to fitness is all about longevity, building habits that lasts and learning how to use your body you can then apply to endeavours outside the gym.

Studio two



We’ve got Peckham’s only dedicated indoor cycling studio here to get you sweating, moving and sometimes grooving.

Our RIDE classes are a sliding scale from beat based rhythm classes all the way across to more gruelling sessions with big hill climbs, power surges and some serious lung thumping sprints.

Check out our coaches’ profiles to find out more about them and their sessions.